AutoVent Kickstarter launch

For Immediate Release

Pleasant Grove, UT — September 2021 — Futura Technologies is pleased to announce the AutoVent Kickstarter will be launching soon. This innovative new product automates the use of a consumer’s bathroom fan by running the fan as needed to manage bathroom humidity. 

Before the inception of the Autovent, the inventor, Michael Luebke, experimented with current solutions that were available on the market including humidity sensing switches and fans with built in humidity sensors. These solutions performed below-desired outcomes only giving mediocre results. Bathroom fans with humidity sensors built-in required extensive installations that either included the cumbersome task of replacing wiring or losing the function of turning the fan on to vent odors. Humidity-sensing-switches were easier to install but sometimes failed to turn on when needed or turned on when not needed.

As a result of these findings, in October 2020 he assembled the first prototype of the AutoVent. It was designed specifically for simple installation and more accurate venting. The patent pending technology combines temperature and humidity sensing with developed algorithms to correctly identify humidity rising from showers and baths. Installation requires no cutting, wiring, or permanent modification to your existing bathroom fan or its switch. By leaving the switch turned on the AutoVent automatically turns the fan on when needed. Toggling the fan switch triggers a timed vent where the Autovent turns the fan on for a predetermined amount of time. This allows consumers to leave the vent on to air odors out of the room without having to remember to return to turn it off again.

Where convenience has been an underlying metric in the design process, the Autovent also has a night light accessory available that can be attached to the outside of the exhaust fan for night time trips to the bathroom.

The AutoVent will be launching soon on Kickstarter. Prior to its launch individuals can sign up to get 50% off the product on launch day. This discount is obtained by signing up for a pre-order on the Autovent website and committing to a launch day purchase.


AutoVent Kickstarter Launching Soon